Are your family photos scattered all over your home? Perhaps sitting idle on your computer or even packed away under a bed or in a shoebox somewhere?

Why not gather them all together and in one space within your home, pay tribute to those who have played a part in creating the memories and history that make you who you are today!

This is my very own black and white family photo wall. There are 4 generations here and when I look at each photograph I am reminded of wonderful memories I’ve been told about over the years of growing up. My grandfather’s first car, my Nan and her best friends, my Mum’s christening and my great grandparents at Manly Beach where I live now; but clearly in very different beach attire than what we see today 😉

Now these memories are preserved, timelessly framed and on display in my shop for all to admire as well as keep me company throughout the day. Kinda cool isn’t it?” – Director- Jenny O’Brien

Preserve your family history in 4 easy steps

Step 1. Find your box of family photos

Step 2. Choose your favourites…perhaps one of each family member?

Step 3. Are they torn, faded, different colours or sizes? Don’t worry, we can fix it all!

Step 4. Bring all your photos in and let us help you create a memory masterpiece!

Frame 3, get 1 free!

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