So now it’s time to make your rooms cohesive!

Styling your room so art, furniture and soft furnishings all work in unison can be created using these helpful guidelines:

  1. Pull out colour from the artwork – choose soft furnishings such as cushions or pillows to complement a colour from your wall art to increase its impact in your room
  2. Complement shapes from the art with furniture or small pieces. Straight lines in furniture such as chairs or curves in vases, for example. Repeat the patterns in your artwork with your decor to pull them all together.
  3. Continuing from point 2 above, the placement of furniture around your artworks serves as a statement of the work Place furniture pieces so they show off the shapes and colour within the artwork
  4. Show restraint. Sometimes the artwork is detailed enough to stand alone. In this case choose neutral furnishings to allow the art to be the centerpiece.
  5. Lighting – use light and shadow to complement your artworks with lamps, spotlights and downlights.