It can be difficult to know how to showcase your wall art and photographs effectively.
If you have no idea what pieces should go where, how to incorporate them into your room or how high to position them on the wall, here are some tips that may help:

  • Be room appropriate with the piece and style
  • Group dated pieces (odds and ends) together to give a fresh, eclectic feel
  • Hang artworks slightly higher than eye level
  • Hang in odd numbers
  • Keep colour tones relating to the rest of the room’s soft furnishings

Here are some suggestions for what to hang where:

Entry – go for a dynamic statement piece
Transitional areas – these are spaces such as foyers, stairwells or hallways and they suit story telling pieces or children’s art
Lounge room – display restful and/or thoughtful pieces
Dining area – these are a great space for conversation starters
Kitchen – try inspiring pieces with movement or children’s art
Study or home office – think inspiring pieces such as maps
Bedroom – use restful images (avoiding strong reds) and personal photos

Here are some more picture arranging tips we’ve shared before. Happy hanging!

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