We feel pretty lucky at In The Picture to have the honour of preserving hand made treasures like these!

To be able to say that you have something hanging on your wall that your great grandmother made is truly special. In the world of instant gratification and technology surpassing itself faster than we can learn it, it feels comforting to know that some things do actually last forever.

Here is an example of an embroidery we recently framed. The stitching is pressed flat from the back so it’s ready to stretch square. Once it’s in position we add the mat boards to enhance the artwork as well as perform a function of lifting the glass off the threads – otherwise it could touch the embroidery, sweat and cause mildew to grow. We don’t want that!

A frame is then chosen to suit the colours and subject matter and we’re ready to hang!

Do you have any treasures that need preserving? Stop in and have a chat about how we can help – we love visitors.

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