This is a tricky one as there are many conflicting opinions out there. Dark colours enclose rooms, light colours open up spaces.

To an extent I agree, however if you are clever and daring enough to do a little bit of both, you will end up with a room that is layered and balanced.

My advice is- take the “cue” from you! Are you a colour person? Then be brave, be bold and try something others may not. Are you more conservative? Then base your palette on neutrals and inject smaller amounts of colour.

If you’re still not sure, take a peek inside your wardrobe and see if you notice a colour and better yet – a pattern or trend – that you appear to be attracted to. Be assured that if you stick to the same fashion formula when decorating your interior, you will love what you’ve created because most importantly, you will feel like “you” in your home.

When shopping for colour, take the cue from your soft furnishings and choose paint from the same colour family. They have the same undertone and will compliment.

Next week, we’ll look at the psychology of colour.

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