Art For Purchase

Our studio gallery serves two purposes. It displays ideas and examples of different framing styles and inspiration, while also offering a unique selection of limited edition’s and original art for purchase.

Owner Julie Gardiner continually keeps up to date with new and exciting pieces by up and coming local and international talent. Some more recent finds originated from Artists as far away as Germany and Norway, Paris and Prague. Pieces included etchings, illustrations, lithographs, limited edition Giclee prints and original paintings as well as accessories from local designers.

Chloe Planinsek

A talented painter from Melbourne, whose infectious positive persona, matches her stunning painted masterpieces. Chloe has a wonderful ability to provide truly customised pieces, by combining elements you may like from her past paintings with individual colour schemes to suit your unique interior and taste. Her work has been so popular and so adaptable, that she found herself expanding into homewares and soft furnishings. An instant solution when trying to bring cohesion to your home.

Maja Lindberg

Maja Lindberg, started her career as a ceramic artist and became an illustrator after a quick stopover in web design. Maja begins with paper and pencil. When satisfied with the drawing, she scans it and continues her work in Photoshop, where colours, shades, background and texture are set.

Her illustrations are mostly inspired by fairy tales, dreams and childhood memories and often hold some mystery. Her goal is to create beautiful and visually engaging illustrations that encourage creativity, curiosity and fantasy.