Canvas Stretching

There are so many ways to present a stretched canvas. Please come in and see our display on how the same canvas can be framed in 5 very different ways, while still being preserved.

We believe the stretcher bar range we use is the best based on the 3 reasons outlined.

  1. The Sbar has joins spaced at approx 15cm intervals along the reverse of the bar for rigidity and to prevent the frame from warping with our ever changing climate.
  2. The edge of the frame, where the canvas wraps around, has a slight curve that prevents the paint on the canvas from cracking as it is pulled taut and secured on the reverse.
  3. The bar is angled on the inside to prevent it from indenting the work on the front and appearing like an outline when hanging on your wall.

Where we can, we prefer and recommend stapling the canvas on the back of the stretcher bar. This makes it easier in the future to alter or remove the canvas from the frame while keeping the paintings integrity on the front and remaining in the original condition.

Black material tape is used to neaten the reverse where required and no canvas is cut or removed unless stipulated by our client at the time of consultation.