Prints & Photography

Photography…. What a beautiful way to document a moment in time. A restful scenery, a candid moment between friends, a celebration with loved ones… What’s your favourite memory?

We recommend all photographic and stock prints be ‘mounted’ onto adhesive archival backing. Our conservation backing will flatten and prevent photos and prints from buckling and warping over time.
All photography and prints are best framed with archival mats (borders) and glass. While not only improving the appearance of the photo, the borders have a functional purpose too. They lift the glass away from the surface of the image and protect it from fading, dust, silverfish, insects and fingerprints.
If the artwork is flush (pressed against) to the glass with no mat, they will not be able to ‘breathe.” Eventually the photo or print will stick to the glass, which in time will cause mould to grow, totally destroying the artwork in the process. Spacers can also be used to lift the glass away from the image.

Hot Tip
For images that work well in bedrooms- anything restful with softer tones. Think watery and dreamy, landscapes, country scenery and soft abstracts.