Conservation Framing

Conservation framing is when all the products and processes preserve the artwork long term. These products, such as 100% Museum Cotton Rag mat board, archival foamcore backing, hinging tapes and the best of all- UV filtered glass, keep images in their original condition and prevent the artwork from being altered or ruined by exposure to light, moisture, mould, acid spots, foxing, dust, fingerprints, silverfish and fading.

*** PLEASE NOTE, acid free is not the same as conservation! Acid free relates to only part of a product not the entire product. For example an “acid free” mat is only “acid buffered” This means that the top and inner core of the mat, still contain acid and will still yellow or brown over time, but the surface paper on the underside of the board is acid buffered. In no way a long term solution. ***

Conservation Mats

At In The Picture we use museum certified 100% archival mats that come in a vast array of colours, textures and beautiful fabrics to really enhance your work. Come in and have a look at our specialty range, they are amazing!
The mats’ function is to act as protective barrier between the artwork and glass while also adding a decorative feature by allowing space around the artwork, therefore giving it room to breathe and ensuring the “real hero” is the artwork itself. Artwork placed directly under glass with no mats will end up ‘stuck’ to the glass, unless a spacer is used to lift it away from the image. This in time also causes mould.

Conservation Glass and Perspex

The glass and perspex/plexiglass we use prevents the artwork, images and borders from fading or changing colour pigmentation over time. UV glass or perspex filters 99% of artificial and natural UV light where as standard glass only filters out 46%.


The most cost effective glass. Reflection is obvious with clear glass but it is good for colour, detail and clarity.


(we only use non – reflective glass that is diffused on one side, not both sides so the artwork doesn’t go blurry and hazy.)
This glass will slightly soften the appearance of the artwork but takes out the reflection look that clear glass has.


THE BEST OF THE BEST! This top of the range glass is phenomenal! Used (as the name suggests) by museums and galleries, it is best accurately described as a UV non-reflective glass that is CLEAR! Therefore combining the best features of the 2 mentioned above. You get brilliant definition of colour, clarity and detail without the softening appearance. It almost looks invisible. MAGIC…


Perspex is what we use when we frame oversize pieces. It is tricky to clean and can scratch, but is lighter in weight than glass and offers full UV protection too.

In The Picture can organize to have damaged artworks restored and brought back to life. For more information call
9477 4455.