Selecting a frame for your artwork, photograph, object or other is an important part of the process. Just like a pair of shoes, the frame can make or break the whole outfit!

So here are some tips to consider when selecting a frame (and some things we will talk about together if you come into In The Pic for us to look after it for you!)

First, look at what you’re framing. Are there some elements you want to highlight? A particular feature or colour? Because the right frame can help you enhance and highlight certain areas.

Second, where will it hang? This might help when selecting which colour to emphasize if the space in which it will hang has an existing colour theme. Whether the room is formal or informal will also help with selecting the right frame.

Next, use the frame and mat borders to change the original piece’s proportions. Experiment with layouts to ensure you get the pop you are looking for from your piece.

Lastly (for now), go with your gut. You can accept all the advice in the world but once the piece is framed and hanging it’s you who has to look at it.

So make sure you love it.

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