Picture framing doesn’t just have to be about prints and paintings – “flat 2D artworks.” We are also lucky enough to frame all sorts of interesting memorabilia and 3D pieces such as this one pictured. One of our regular customers recently brought all her Father’s precious military pieces, photographs and medals in to us so we could help her create a keepsake that would hang on her wall and last for generations to come.

The process

Step 1. Design a layout that not only works well with the shapes and sizes, but also a layout that best tells the story. This often includes a written plaque that states the content and relevant dates of what’s being framed.

Step 2. Choose mat colours that compliment the tones in the photographs and objects while also bearing in mind tradition and a conservative/classic feel (if, for instance, the pieces relate to the navy, Army or Air force, like this one does)

Step 3. Decide on layers and which objects need to be recessed or raised or placed in a window and have the outer mats raised for protection from the glass touching them.

Step 4. Choose a frame based on one of the colour tones in the pieces that will enhance the finished product, while also thinking about the subject matter. Traditionally, mostly darker and classic frames have worked best on memorabilia such as this.

Step 5. Recommend the glass type, taking into consideration the 3D nature of the finished product (we always recommend Museum glass for 3D pieces- virtually no reflection and absolute clarity)

Step 6. We cut, join and assemble all pieces of the frame and call our happy customer to come and collect their beautiful finished piece!

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